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Contact and opening hours

Here we have put together some contacts with opening hours on Pellworm and the mainland for you.

  • Year-round ferry connection between the North Sea island of Pellworm and the mainland
  • Excursions to the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site
  • Round trips across the North Sea island of Pellworm
  • School and island bus service
  • Island bus service "1515" currently 05.00 - 21.00 hrs
  • Burials at sea

Neue Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts GmbH
Managing Director: Sven Frener
Am Tiefwasseranleger 1
25849 Pellworm
Phone: 04844-753
Fax: 04844-354

With a comprehensive range of services, the Kur- und Tourismusservice Pellworm is the central point of contact for all tourist matters. Detailed information about the island at www.pellworm.de.

Kur- und Tourismusservice Pellworm
Uthlandestr. 2
25849 Pellworm
Phone: 04844-189-40

Delivery of general cargo from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. at Spedition Wilh. Nicolaysen.

Wilh. Nicolaysen GmbH
Harmen-Grapengeterstr. 7
25813 Husum
Tel. 04841-96 520

You can find our office here:

Neue Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts GmbH
Am Tiefwasseranleger 1
25849 Pellworm

Phone: 04844 753
Fax: 04844 354

Monday - Friday 07:15 -12:00 and 13:00 -17:00

Our office is staffed on all ferry departures:
Monday - Friday 06:00 - 14:40

If the office is closed, please contact the ferry staff directly.

The address is

Hörnstraße 1
25845 Nordstrand