Safe at sea

Conditions of carriage of the NPDG

General Conditions of Carriage for the carriage of passengers and all other cargo. These conditions of carriage apply to our ships and to the ships travelling on charter for us and are valid from 01.01.2022

Neue Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts - GmbH Pellworm
Flensburg Local Court: HRB48 Hu
Managing Director: Sven Frener
VAT ID: DE 134 655 781
Responsible tax office: Flensburg
Creditor ID: DE 7 5222 00000 324830
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Klaus Jensen

§1 General provisions

The General Terms and Conditions of Carriage have the legal character of general terms and conditions. They are available for inspection at our office on Pellworm and on our ships. The General Terms and Conditions of Carriage are recognised upon conclusion of transport contracts and other contracts. Conflicting terms and conditions of the contractual partners are not recognised by the shipping company. This also applies without express objection. The shipping company reserves the right to amend or supplement the General Conditions of Carriage at any time. Amendments or additions shall take effect from the date of their publication by posting on our premises.

§2 Fares

The applicable fares for passenger and freight transport are available for inspection on the business premises.
No further discounts are granted on reduced fares.
All fares are not valid for special journeys; these are agreed separately in individual cases.
The transport charges are due and payable before the start of the journey. If a non-cash method of payment has been agreed for the carriage, the client and the recipient are always liable for payment of the carriage charge. It is at the discretion of the shipping company N.P.D.G. to demand payment of the carriage charge from the client or consignee.

§3 Ship safety

1 . the instructions of the ship's personnel and other employees of the shipping company employed ashore must be followed.
2 This applies especially in emergencies.
3. the carriage of hazardous substances of class 2 and 3 must be notified in good time, 2 days before the start of carriage. Carriage shall be carried out in accordance with the Ordinance on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea and the applicable exemption authorisation.

§4 Timetable

The timetables for rail and bus connections have been drawn up on the assumption of normal water and weather conditions. No guarantee can be given for adherence to the connections; the scheduled departure and arrival times are subject to change.
The captain and the shipping company have the right to make changes and deviations from the timetable if this is necessary due to weather conditions, ship safety, official instructions or for operational reasons.
The shipping company expressly reserves the right to change the timetables, to cancel journeys and to make any other changes to the schedule if this is necessary due to the special conditions in North Sea ferry traffic.
In all other respects, the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 1177/2010 concerning the rights of passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway apply.

§ 5 Liability

The liability of the carrier is governed by the provisions of §§ 536 ff HGB including the limitations of liability provided for therein.

§ 6 Notification of damage

1. if the passenger fails to notify the carrier in good time of damage to or loss of his luggage, it shall be presumed that he has received the luggage undamaged. However, notification is not required if the condition of the luggage was jointly ascertained or inspected by the parties at the time of its receipt.
2. the notification is deemed to have been made in good time if it is made at the latest at the following time a) in the case of outwardly recognisable damage to luggage at the time of its delivery and b) in the case of outwardly unrecognisable damage to luggage or its loss 15 days after disembarkation or delivery or after the time at which delivery should have taken place.
3. the notification of damage must be made in text form. Timely despatch is sufficient to meet the deadline.

§ 7 Lapse of claims for damages

1. a claim for damages due to death or personal injury of a passenger or due to loss or due to loss, damage or delayed delivery of luggage expires if it is not asserted in court within one of the following periods:
2. Three years from the date on which the creditor learnt or should normally have learnt of the death or personal injury or the loss, damage or delayed delivery, or
3. Five years from the date on which the passenger disembarked or should normally have disembarked, whichever is the later.

§ 8 Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for all disputes between the carrier and all other customers for whom the contract of carriage is part of their commercial business shall be Husum Local Court or Flensburg Regional Court, depending on the amount in dispute.
The statutory place of jurisdiction shall apply to all other disputes.

Annex to the Conditions of Carriage, implementing provisions

General information
Tickets must be purchased on the ship, in the information building on Nordstrand (if staffed) in our office on Pellworm, online or on the Autokraft buses if no other tickets (DB) have been purchased.
A passenger who does not have a valid ticket at the start of the journey, on board or when leaving the ship, or who is unable to present one, is obliged to pay an increased fare of €83. The same applies to vehicles or bicycles carried without a corresponding ticket as well as in the case of a fare reduction, the conditions of which are not met; in deviation from sentence 1, the increased fare for vehicles is double the fare for the vehicle in question valid after the start of the journey without a reduction (whereby payments for unauthorised use of fare reductions are offset against this). The provisions of sentences 1) and 2) shall not apply if the ticket was not procured for reasons for which the passenger is not responsible.

The right to initiate criminal and fine proceedings remains reserved.

1 Period of validity of tickets

The period of validity of tickets purchased for the ships is calculated from the date of purchase for the standard fare and local fare

  • Single ticket 4 days
  • Return ticket 60 days
  • Day return ticket 1 day
  • Car return ticket 60 days
  • Car 3, 6, 12 journey ticket 360 days (vehicle-bound)
  • Ten-trip ticket 360 days (transferable)
  • Monthly ticket for the calendar month (personal)

All tickets are only valid for use of the transport services within the periods described above. After expiry of the time limits, the tickets are deemed to have been cancelled. In these cases, no reimbursement of travel costs will be made.

2. tickets

  • Single journeys
    Tickets for single journeys entitle the holder to a single journey on our ferry from Pellworm to Nordstrand or vice versa. The journey must be made no later than the third day following the date shown on the ticket.
  • Return tickets
    Return tickets entitle the holder to a return journey on our ferry from Pellworm to Nordstrand or vice versa.
  • Tickets for car transport
    The tickets for cars do not include the travel costs for the passengers and driver. They are only valid for the vehicle for which they were purchased. The vehicle registration document presented must match the vehicle being transported and the original must be presented to the carrier on request.

For motor vehicles and motor vehicle trailers up to 6.00 metres in length and up to 3.50 tonnes gross vehicle weight, the passenger car tariff applies. If these dimensions are exceeded, the lorry tariff applies. Further tariff information can be obtained from the shipping company's office.

3. discounts on the carriage tariff

  • Children
    Children up to and including the age of 5 are carried free of charge on scheduled ferry services. Children aged 6 to 14 years inclusive receive a discount of approx. 50% on the adult fare on scheduled ferry services.
    Pupils, trainees and students whose main place of residence is Pellworm, as well as employees of the Wadden Sea Protection Station working permanently on Pellworm (by arrangement), can be carried on the children's ticket on application. This pass is available from the NPDG office.
    After completion of training, the pass loses its validity at the latest when the child reaches the age of 23.
  • Severely disabled persons
    The carriage of severely disabled persons on scheduled ferry services is governed by the relevant statutory regulations in the Social Security Code as amended.
  • Discounts for group travel
    Group travel with at least 20 paying passengers receives a discount of approx. 10 % on ferry tickets at the standard fare. For combined tickets, we only grant the discount of approx. 10 % on the ferry part. The group must arrive and depart together.
  • We grant the local rate for car transport to persons whose main residence and centre of life is Pellworm. Pellworm must be noted on the vehicle registration document. The vehicle owner must present an original vehicle licence matching the vehicle. The journey at the local motor vehicle tariff must start on Pellworm. The ticket can only be purchased on Pellworm.
    For a car day trip from Pellworm, we grant the local rate for everyone.
    At certain times, we grant a discount of approx. 20% on car transport in conjunction with a package offer from the Pellworm Tourist Office (FVV). A flat-rate certificate from the FVV Pellworm must be presented when purchasing the ticket.

4. additional regulations

For luggage and bicycle racks that are attached to the rear of a vehicle with a general operating licence and thereby extend the vehicle, a flat-rate fee is charged in addition to the carriage charge for the vehicle.
The transport tariffs are determined and published separately, independently of these tariff regulations.
The persons and vehicle data registered with us are required for internal use and are not passed on to third parties.

5. hand luggage up to 25 kg

Luggage up to 25 kg is carried free of charge as hand luggage. These and heavier items remain in the exclusive custody and responsibility of the traveller.

6. carriage of animals

a. Dogs are carried for a fee.
Dogs may use the lounges on a short lead but not the seats. The dog owner must clean up any soiling. In individual cases, the ship's crew is authorised to make other decisions.
b. Cattle, horses, sheep and pigs must be kept in a loaded condition after prior notification, half an hour before departure. No urine or faeces may flow or fall from the livestock transport vehicle during transport.

7. accompanying documents

Every consignment that is not paid for in cash must be accompanied by a consignment note stating the sender, the consignee, the number of items, the weight and the type of goods. The consignment note must be completed and handed in at the office or to the crew of the ships before the start of the journey. If payment is made in cash, the recipient or sender is liable for payment of the freight.

If a cargo cannot be transported by the shipping company's own equipment or if there is a risk of people being endangered or other objects being damaged, the captain or his authorised representative must order the carriage of the cargo to be stopped.

8 Passenger rights

Passenger rights in passenger shipping apply (EU Regulation No. 1177/2010)