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Literature and calendar

The most beautiful sides of Pellworm, unique North Sea impressions or exciting stories about the NPDG: With calendars, books or the exclusive postmark of our ship, you will acquire lasting memories.

In co-operation with the shipping company NPDG, the Pellworm Photo Friends publish an atmospheric calendar with beautiful motifs of the North Sea island of Pellworm as well as a calendar with historical motifs every year. The calendar also contains the ferry timetable and the tide calendar.

The calendars are available in the NPDG office and on board the ships as well as in local shops and by post.

Price €12.90, plus postage costs if sent by post
Orders by e-mail:


This new issue is a declaration of love from Pellworm's photo friends to their beautiful island.

A TV travel report about the North Sea island of Pellworm motivates Anna, a primary school teacher from Herford, to take a cycling holiday here during the summer holidays. Anna gives an authentic account of her experiences and takes the reader on an exciting discovery tour of the island.

Anna is accompanied by the Pellworm photo friends, who document her experiences with wonderful photographs.

To mark the 111th anniversary of the NPDG shipping company, Pellworm-Verlag has published a history of the Neue Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts GmbH entitled "Vom Raddampfer zum Motorschiff".

Meticulously researched and excitingly written by historian Brigitta Seidel, this book provides a comprehensive account of the fascinating history of Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts GmbH.

The book is available in the NPDG office and on the ships as well as in local shops and by post.

Price €11.90, plus postage costs if sent by post
Orders by telephone: 04844-753
or by e-mail: info(at)


The NPDG shipping company offers its passengers a very special philatelic service with this ship's postmark. Every item of mail placed in the letterbox on board is given the exclusive ship's postmark of the ferry MS "PELLWORM I". The letterbox is emptied twice a week.


Look forward to a lasting memory of your ferry trip with the NPDG! You will find a large selection of merchandising articles directly at the on-board bistro - from key rings and carrier bags to detailed ship models.

If you are interested, please contact our on-board staff!