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Have a safe journey!

Travel information

Our tips will help you get to the beautiful North Sea quickly and easily by car, bus or train.

If you are travelling by car, please book the crossing with the car ferry MS "PELLWORM I" in good time.

You can book the ferry either online, by app or by phone on 04844 753.

This is the navigation address for Strucklahnungshörn harbour, where the car ferry to the North Sea island of Pellworm departs:

25845 Nordstrand
Hörnstraße 1

Neue Pellwormer Dampfschiffahrts GmbH wishes you a safe journey.

To travel to the North Sea island of Pellworm, choose a train connection to Husum with a bus connection to the Strucklahnungshörn / Nordstrand ferry terminal. Through tickets for train, bus and ferry are available from all DB Travel Centres and DB agencies.

On the island itself, the free shuttle bus runs to the Old Harbour and the resort centre. You are welcome to use the island shuttle service to get to your booked accommodation. Please book this in advance by telephone: 04844 1515.

Further information and bookings can be found here.

You can also take your bike with you when travelling by train. A reservation is generally required for this on long-distance trains.

However, you have the option of checking your bike in as luggage. You can find the relevant information at or here.

If you would like to check in your luggage, you can use the Hermes door-to-door service. Information can be found at or at Nordseeinsel-Kuriergepäck.

The Pellworm-based company Hornkamp-Express can also provide information on luggage transport: 01515 8849 607.

Deutsche Bahn's Mobility Service Centre advises on suitable train connections, provides information on prices and tickets, reserves seats, wheelchair spaces and couchettes on DB night trains. It organises boarding, changing and alighting assistance and arranges meeting points and pick-up times with the passenger.

All information is available on the nationwide telephone number 01806 - 512 512 (20 ct/per call from a landline, 60 ct/per call from a mobile phone).

Further information can be found here: Accessibility