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Experience the North Sea island

Island tour on Pellworm

In February 2024 there will be our popular island tours of Pellworm from 18.02. - 24.02.2024. Departure daily at 13:45 from the Old Harbour.

From April to October, our island tour of the beautiful North Sea island of Pellworm takes place daily at 13:45 from the Old Harbour, directly at the Maritime Museum. These tours are organised by trained drivers in an interesting and informative way. Discover the special features and beauty of Pellworm on a trip lasting around 1.5 hours.

During the tour, interesting points on the island of Pellworm are visited and explained, such as the Tammwarft. It is the only terp on the island where, as on the Halligen, there are several houses. These are grouped around an old fething, the former water intake point, which is now a protected natural monument.

Another point of interest is the old church of St Salvator from the 11th century. Situated on a terp directly behind the sea dyke in the west of the island, the ruined tower of the 1000-year-old church is now the island's landmark. The church tower collapsed on a calm day in April 1611. The reasons for this are not historically documented, but the legend of the pirate Cord Widderich surrounds the event. A long time ago, Cord Widderich and his men are said to have lived in the church and burnt down the tower's supporting beams. What is certain, however, is that Cord Widderich stole the original Pellworm baptismal font in the 15th century and took it to Büsum. It can still be seen there today in St Clemens Church. Today's baptismal font in the old church was newly created and given to the church.

The Pellworm lighthouse, built in 1907, is clearly visible from everywhere. At a height of around 41 metres, the sector beacon shines in white, red and green into the darkness and serves to guide shipping through the difficult waters. The functions are now remote-controlled from Tönning. However, the red tower with its white ring also has a romantic function, as many bridal couples have said "I do" there at the registry office high above the sea. Lighthouse tours take place on certain dates; information can be obtained from the Pellworm North Sea island spa and tourism service.

The round trip continues to the Hoog ferry pier. From here, small JADAs set off on tours of the island and Halligwelt. A glance over the dyke reveals the beauty of the North Sea landscape with the islands and Hallig islands on the horizon.

In addition to the perennial topic of dyke construction, agriculture is naturally an important topic on Pellworm. Apart from tourism, agriculture with its dairy industry is still the main source of income on the North Sea island. Recently, some of the milk has once again been processed into high-quality cheese products in the revitalised Inselmeierei dairy, which are traded as a regional speciality.

The Nordermühle mill can be seen from afar in the north of the island on the old 17th century sea dyke. At this point in particular, you can clearly see the difference between the height of the dyke at that time and today's height of 8 metres.

The tour also mentions the 17th century New Church, which is located off the road on a small hill on Liliencronweg. Some of the furnishings, such as the altar, the confessional and the pulpit, come from other churches that sank during the great storm surge in 1634.

The island tour ends back at Pellworm harbour at the Maritime Museum. A tour of the museum is highly recommended, as it presents the topics of storm surges and sea rescue in an exciting way.

Small, large and coach tour groups can charter a coach with a guide from the NPDG shipping company on site or, if they are travelling in their own vehicle, just a coach guide to get to know the North Sea island of Pellworm on an individual tour.

For more information and answers to all questions about the island tour, please contact the NPDG shipping company on 04844-753 or send an e-mail to info(at)

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  • Prices valid from 01.01.2024
  • *Family price applies to parents with up to 3 of their own children aged 6 to 14.